Clean Data:
Perfect Data Preparation
for excellent AI solutions

The better your data, the smarter your artificial intelligence

Is your training data ready for AI?

To achieve lasting competitive advantages, your own applications need to be trained with artificial intelligence (AI) in the best possible way. High data quality is the key to the success of AI and ML.

Often, erroneous or irrelevant data significantly impair the training process and the productive operation of algorithms. The decisive step lies in effective data cleansing and preparation. It increases the performance and accuracy of the models - and thus the valuable, business-relevant output.

Master unstructured data:
Selection, analysis and classification for truly intelligent use of AI

Up to 80 per cent of corporate data is unstructured and of varying quality, so selection, analysis and classification must be done efficiently and correctly. Only then algorithms can be trained with useful and high-quality input. Intelligent data management solutions are essential for the first step in AI development.

The 5 biggest challenges
of data preparation

  • Low-quality data: Duplicate, erroneous, outdated data or raw data can distort your AI results drastically.
  • Extremely time-intensive efforts: Preparing the data takes 80% of the time required for AI projects.*
  • Compliance is neglected: Personal and sensitive company data must be recognized, sorted out, pseudonymized or access protected. AI never forgets.
  • Patent and copyright laws: Information or data processing techniques could be patented or copyrighted, which severely restricts their use.
  •  Missing underlying processes and procedures for preprocessing and preparing unstructured data. 


Clean, secure and relevant data for maximum AI efficiency

The APARAVI platform offers intelligent & automated data cleansing

5 important APARAVI benefits:

  • Shorten the time to market: Quick, effective preparation of your AI projects. 
  • No synthetic data: Original data enables more efficient development of algorithms and applications. 
  • Data protection compliant: Search, find, remove and/or anonymise personal data.
  • Facilitate scalable processes: Reliable, optimized AI outcomes over the long term, powered by high-quality, standardized data. 
  • Eliminate human error: Through standardized and customized classification options in the software. 

Structured data input leads to smart AI output

APARAVI effortlessly transforms unstructured data into valuable AI resources. Our software cleanses and transforms raw data precisely, analyses features and assigns them to classes. Context, content, permissions, metadata and much more can be taken into account.

The result? Perfectly prepared data for automated use, whether for standard tasks or special requirements. The preparation process is 100% transparent and customisable, DSGVO-compliant data sets are available for algorithm training.

Trust APARAVI to carry out and/or optimise your AI projects more efficiently.

APARAVI - Your partner for data excellence in AI applications

100% Data Quality

No duplicated or obsolete, incomplete data – instead original data and transparent, relevant classified and structured data

Rapid Data Exploration

Cross-platform overview of the entire data stock with information on metadata, content, file types, storage location, etc.

Effective reduction of data

The indexing and classification of data brings about a clear focus on relevant, useful data


Verify metadata and file content through 250 predefined and unlimited custom classifications

Risk mitigation

Eliminate critical, corrupted and incomplete data

Reliable data cleansing/filtering

Cleansing the data of sensitive, business-critical, irrelevant and personal data (classification) and unlicensed third-party data

Professional formatting of data

In accordance with the requirements of the specific AI model employed, unstructured data is converted into the corresponding formats.

Reduction of Complexity

Reduce time-to-market for AI applications, secure competitive advantage

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Optimise your data for AI training and productive operation in an automated way!

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Clean Data:
Perfect Data Preparation for successful AI-usage

Learn more about the challenges and solutions to prepare your unstructured data for better AI results:

Drastic time and cost savings.
Efficient and automated processing of unstructured data

GDPR-compliant data use
100% clean data for AI and machine learning

Reduce complexity
Simple and fast AI projects relieve the burden on your experts

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