Intelligent management
of unstructured data

APARAVI minimizes risks and promotes treasures in the data
that most don't even know exist

Unstructured data affects us all

Did you know that only around 20% of a company’s data is structured. Roughly 80% of the data is unstructured – redundant, superfluous or unknown – lurking like time-bombs, because important corporate information and personal data is often duplicated in an uncontrolled manner. At the same time, this data also contains undiscovered treasures, which you can use to generate revenue.

Structure your data growth intelligently

Every year, the average volume of data stored by companies with around 200 employees increases by 44%. This leads to overextended IT systems, high costs for storage and backup systems, overloaded employees, time wasted searching for hidden data, etc. This can only be counteracted using intelligent software which automatically recognizes and structures your data.

Control over huge volumes of data

You can only gain control over your data if you have knowledge of it, know where it’s located and who has access to it. It’s essential for companies to classify their corporate data. If a single person were to view, sort and classify one terabyte of data manually, it would take them about 92 years. APARAVI provides software which finds, classifies and grants you full control over your unstructured data, no matter where it may be stored.

The Trouble With Data Growth

Consuming too much data can pose many challenges of increasing data growth with climbing storage costs. Where does it all go? Much like a full house, renting a larger space isn't the answer. That's where Aparavi comes in.

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What APARAVI achieves

Intelligently combining metadata and file contents makes APARAVI a powerful tool for optimizing your business processes.

Here are a few practical examples:

  • CVs / Résumés – we identify CVs and can tell you how long you have been storing them.
  • Contracts – we recognize contracts and their contents, for instance the financial value of the contract.
  • Access rights – we tell you who had or has access to the data – and when.
  • Classification – we classify data according to predefined rulesets. You can create and apply your own rules for the data analysis at any time.
  • Responsive – You can ask the platform any question that you would like to have answered about your data.

How you benefit

The software analyzes your constantly changing data by scanning it automatically on a regular basis. This profiling and classification of the data leads to higher levels of security and compliance, while improving efficiency and generating new business potential.

• GDPR compliance (PII, PHI)
• Mitigating risks associated with data breaches
• Boosting turnover and productivity (up to 50-fold ROI)
• Reducing costs for data storage and data search
• Smaller CO2 footprint
• Optimization for more effective data migration
• Increased employee productivity and satisfaction

Did you know that APARAVI accomplishes full transparency for the cleansing of your unstructured data in just a few days?

How the APARAVI platform works

Your path to minimizing risk, reducing costs & adding value to your company

Data Profiling

With APARAVI Data Profiling you search through your data stored around the globe and unearth your unstructured data, no matter where or in which infrastructures it may be stored – on-premises file servers, cloud environments such as Sharepoint or hybrid infrastructures. By way of the easy-to-use APARAVI Dashboard, you start all your search queries and receive neat, easily comprehensible reports.

• Gain control over the 55% year-on-year growth in data
• 20% better productivity searching for and finding unstructured data

Data Governance

Once the data has been profiled, you are able to comprehensively cleanse your data stocks and optimize data quality and security in line with compliance guidelines. With over 200 standard classification options already available for you to employ, such as country-specific personal data, and company-relevant search functions, such as custom queries und regular expressions, you can then classify your data comprehensively and thoroughly.

• 200 ready-to-use standard classification options
• Reduces the risk of incurring regulatory fines by around 70%

Data Value

By deleting the redundant data which on average makes up roughly 40% of each organization’s total stored data, companies already achieve a positive ROI within just a few months by way of the associated cost and CO2 savings, increased productivity of up to 20% in searching for & finding files, as well as avoiding the high fines and remediation costs which go hand in hand with GDPR violations and data breaches.

• Reduce data by up to 40% by deleting redundant, superfluous data
• Up to fifty-fold ROI in the first year

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