Data Breach Prevention

Protect your critical data and avoid expensive consequences

Do You Know Where All Your Data Is?

Corporate data grows by around 40% per year, growing at an unmanageable rate, and bringing along with it a significant amount of risk. On average, 80% of the data is completely unknown to IT. In most cases, this "dark data" contains personal data, contracts, financial reports, development plans, and much more.

This data spreads over the years, sometimes unnoticed, in backups. It is dragged along during the migration of data to new systems or has already found its way into the cloud, thus becoming a ticking time bomb.

Imagine the consequences if this data were to fall into the hands of hackers who threaten to publish it or spy on your company's secrets. This is where Aparavi comes in.

Why Is Unstructured Data So Dangerous?

  • Hard to analyze: Identification of risky data of big data is only possible with intelligent software.
  • Lack of compliance: Companies are also responsible for their unknown data. High fines and penalties loom in the event of data protection violations.
  • Low data security: Unstructured data is more vulnerable to cyberattacks and data loss.

Intelligent Crisis Strategies with Aparavi

Customized search criteria

Easily create custom parameters to find data

Identification of access rights

Quickly identify users who had access to affected files

Continuous classification

Identify, tag, and protect personal data based on specific criteria of your choosing

Automated deletion/archival processes

Avoid data mishaps, save time and resources by archiving or deleting unnecessary and outdated data from your system

Daily quick scans

Scan information about metadata, content, file location, file name, signature, creation and modification date, and much more daily

Unusual activity auto detection

Our data analytics detects unusual or abnormal activity in your organization's data assets

Multi location scan

Scan data assets into hybrid IT infrastructures, both on-premises and cloud-based (AWS, Azure, etc.), regardless of location

Avoid fines

Avoid penalty fines by using custom classification policies to make your data automatically compliant

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A Cyber Attack Case Study

The bicycle manufacturer Prophete was a successful company that specialized in the production of high-quality bicycles. However, Prophete fell victim to a serious data breach. The attackers gained access to the company's database and captured confidential information about customers, products and business processes.

By the time the company discovered the data breach, it was already too late to mitigate the damage. Prophete had no crisis strategy to defend against the cyberattack and could not respond quickly enough. The consequences were devastating. The company's reputation was severely damaged as customers and business partners lost confidence in the company.

Prophete was unable to absorb the loss of customers and sales and eventually had to file for bankruptcy. The cost of dealing with the data breach was too high to keep the company afloat. Prophete could no longer compete against its competitors and eventually had to give up.