Reduce Data Sustainably

The solution for sustainable data management

Big Data, Big Waste?

Resource-saving data management:
Why companies need to act

Data centers already account for 2% of global electricity consumption, by 2038 this could rise to 30%. Companies are increasingly recognizing that they too must make their contribution to the urgent crisis that is climate protection. By storing unstructured data and dark data, vast amounts of energy are wasted on storage performance.

Did You Know?

  • 45% of company data is irrelevant and wastes energy - costing you big time
  • Data will grow by 230% by 2025
  • Average on-premise to cloud migrations can drive 65% energy reduction and carbon emission reduction of 84%.

Increase Storage Sustainability

  • The Aparavi Platforms simplifies offloading data to the cloud to increase storage sustainability
  • Cloud suppliers usually have a higher level of CPU utilization compared to individual companies
  • With Aparavi, cloud computers can compute more without increasing power consumption

Optimize Data Migrations

  • Reduce schedules, costs, risks and the complexities associated with moving by ensuring only useful datasets are moved through our automated cloud migration
  • The Aparavi AI Platform provides a seamless process for your cloud data migration
  • The Aparavi Intelligence and Automation Platform provides the how, augmenting your cloud data migration strategy for a smoother, shorter, lower risk and lower cost project