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  • easy

    We make the digital world – with its constantly accumulating data – easy, more secure and more sustainable.

    Our globally leading software grants our clients comprehensive insight into their data, enabling uncomplicated, sustained management of their stored data

  • professional

    Data is the beating heart of a company. That’s why we don’t compromise. Security, competency and transparency are our top priorities. With our experts & partners, we solve the key issues for companies, IT departments, security officers and data protection officers.

  • courageous

    As an innovative partner, we boldly go deep into the world of unexplored and potentially unsafe, risk-laden company data. With a great deal of passion and commitment, we continuously develop our software and provide our clients with software that exceeds their expectations.

  • integrity

    We value diversity and overcome challenges within our team with respect and fairness. As a dependable partner for analyzing and categorizing company data, we count on the highest levels of confidentiality by using our own software within our company IT infrastructure to ensure that no information leaks out.

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"We have tailored the APARAVI platform to our needs in such a way that we can show quick and effective results. Thanks to APARAVI, we have also been able to provide long-term benefits with great impact to our clients who are transforming legal departments."

Peter Tóth, Associate at OPL gunnercooke

"The APARAVI platform supported us in 3 steps 
to a maximum compliance: First we scanned our 
data set and got full transparency on PII & PHI. 
Then we got into action of selecting, moving, 
deleting those files. Finally we automated our 
identification & clean-up processes to ensure 
a ongoing 100% compliance.​"

Global Management Consulting, UK

"Compromised data is analysed 3 times faster: APARAVI helps you to understand, minimize and report the damage – in high quality and high speed. Our experts love this, as they do not have to waste time on irrelevant data sets."

Cyber Risk Advisory Director, Alixpartners

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