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24. March 2021

What’s Cooler Than Cool? Aparavi’s New Active Archive Platform

Hey, did you hear? We took a good thing – OK, a great thing, IMHO – and made it even better.

Hey, did you hear? We took a good thing – OK, a great thing, IMHO – and made it even better. Starting with our innovative software-as-a-service that reduces long-term cloud storage costs through patent-pending cloud-active data pruning, we added an entire Active Archive platform that delivers dynamic multi-cloud vendor-agnostic mobility, control, and cost savings. You’re welcome.

We did this by adding a bunch of new features. What new features you ask? How about dynamic multi-cloud mobility and control that supports a ton of public cloud services and on-prem private clouds to completely unlock your data and allow you to take advantage of all the cost and feature benefits that the highly competitive cloud storage market offers?

Still Asking Jeeves for information? Our advance search features allow for fast and easy retrieval of documents across cloud destinations and on premises. You don’t need to know where or when you saved them. Aparavi can find specified data using advanced search based on metadata, such as creation date or file name, along with full-text content search.

Not ready for GDPR? New classification and retention policies give fine-grained control over data for better compliance. Aparavi allows data to be classified based on content and metadata, allowing organizations to quickly and easily identify, retrieve, manage, or delete any data by its classification.

All of this, in addition to simplified installation and deployment options and our already great data pruning capabilities, are available as part of our new Active Archive Platform. And since our engineers are constantly coming up with other cool new features, we’ll have even more things to roll out in the near future. Start small or jump right in mastering petabytes of out-of-control unstructured data growth with a 30-day free trial today.