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05. March 2021

How to Reduce Operating Expenses Without Sacrificing Intelligence

By planning intelligently and managing your data effectively, you can cut down on expenses and save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle.

At Aparavi, we understand that operating expenses can pile up quickly, costing your business a lot of money and resources. By planning intelligently and managing your data effectively, you can cut down on these expenses and save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle. The rewards are immediate, and you will feel much more at ease knowing that your data is being stored correctly and cared for properly. You don’t have to sacrifice efficiency, so learn how to reduce operating expenses in business.

Intelligent Automation Cuts Operating Expenses

Automate your data management and save money. At Aparavi, we offer streamlined solutions that let you manage and gain insights into all of your data, regardless of where it is stored (on premises, in the cloud or at the edge). This helps you avoid data silos and automate key data management processes so that your employees can access the metadata and content of the files whenever they need to, without exposing the data to additional risk through data movement or duplication.

Our platform organizes your data and ensures that it is secure and accessible, cutting back on expenses by limiting the amount of time your IT, Compliance & Cybersecurity teams need to devote to keeping your data clean, organized and secure in accordance with retention policies.

Reduce Employee Time

Reduce the amount of time that your employees spend on finding, organizing, securing and classifying data, and you will find that you have a lot less human error to deal with, and more time for your employees to dedicate to meaningful tasks.

Data can be tedious to work with, and many employees would rather do just about anything else rather than organize and classify it. Since tedious jobs often correlate with human error, the more you can automate your data management, the fewer data issues you’ll have to deal with. This also equates to less time spent on administrative work so your employees can dedicate their time to more meaningful tasks, increasing employee satisfaction.

Create a Single Source of Truth for your Unstructured Data

Many companies spend valuable time wading through data that doesn’t make sense or dealing with inaccuracies due to duplicate files or other issues. Not only will multiple files on the same client waste yours and your employees’ time, but it also can paint an unrealistic picture of what’s going on. By streamlining your data, you eliminate errors and see the bigger picture much more clearly.

Educate your team about the way you are structuring and managing your data. Our company offers a straightforward, cloud-based solution where people with appropriate permissions can rapidly get the information they need. Once your team learns the system, it’s easy for them to navigate. You cut back on working hours and mistakes, and you won’t keep any of your customers waiting for longer than they absolutely need to.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

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Organized, secure data is a precious resource, particularly when it comes to sales and marketing efforts. You can use the data you collect in a whole host of ways, like drilling down into who your audience is, understanding what drives them, and finding new audiences. You can also predict how your business will operate, anticipating low periods in advance and using your resources to minimize the impact on your company.

Many successful companies even create parts of their marketing plans around customer data, working well in advance to anticipate trends and making sure that all of their marketing collateral reflects what the audience wants. When you consider how much useful information your data contains, the targeting possibilities are absolutely endless. Geo-targeting alone is one of the best ways to speak to customers where they live. Companies spend so much money on marketing that it makes a lot of fiscal sense to keep track of your data. That way, you can know where best to put your ad dollars.

Understand Where to Allocate Your Resources

Data isn’t just good for directing where you need to put your marketing dollars: it can also help you allocate other resources in an intelligent fashion. Personnel costs add up, and sometimes you might be hearing stories from your team that don’t match up when you look at the data. For example, you might have a sales team that constantly tells you that they are on track to hit their annual budget. The data could say otherwise, prompting you to adjust your expectations and give your sales team the tools that they need to turn around more clients.

Additionally, it might become clear that your customer service wait times are exceptionally long. If this is the case, you need to allocate more resources to ensure that customers don’t have to wait on the phone. This could include hiring more staff or streamlining your call-in process so that customers get to who they need to speak with quicker. You can solve problems by simply moving around existing resources, saving you time and stress in many cases.

Avoid Compliance Issues

![Data compliance fines](
No matter how good your compliance or legal team is, if your data is a mess, you may be liable for massive compliance violations that could seriously wreak havoc on your business. Regulatory fines are often based on a per customer basis, meaning that if you are found to be in violation of one rule for one client, you risk being fined for violations against your entire customer base. Although compliance is expensive, it’s far less costly to follow data governance best practices to bring your organization in line with your company’s regulatory obligations.

We can help you find data that may be subject to data privacy, data retention and other laws, and help move that data to a more secure storage repository with limited access. In addition, by indexing your organization’s unstructured data, we can make it easy to respond to information requests and spot red flags far before they become huge problems. Lack of compliance can cause major legal problems that can cause financial damage to the tune of millions of dollars in regulatory fines, as well as damage your brand reputation beyond repair. Plus, you will sleep better at night, knowing that you are fully compliant.

If you need to streamline your data operating expenses, we can help. Contact us at Aparavi, where we can help you turn data from a hindrance to a competitive asset by storing it intelligently in the cloud, keeping you clear of compliance fines, and helping you harness the power of your data to attract more customers and run your team as smoothly as possible.