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05. March 2021

Welcome to Aparavi, THE Data Intelligence & Automation Platform

The focus now needs to be understanding the data, its business relevance, and its importance for modern applications.

July 14th 2020 was another milestone day as we launched both a new market category of data intelligence, automation, and availability and a new strategic relationship with Microsoft that confirms our value and impact on data management.

Our ‘why’ for renovating Aparavi software into a powerful platform to discover, classify, optimize, and enable innovation? Because data growth is a given, and corporations are keeping data “just in case” for regulatory reasons, often because they do not understand the value of the data. IT has focused on storing data and ensuring continuity instead of deriving insights and flexible access for new use cases.

That had to change.

Aparavi, The Platform is disruptive to blind data movement technologies that rely on the mistaken belief that it’s safer to keep everything and continue making replicas and backups, without ensuring easy (or any) access to the data except through the app that put the data there.

The focus now needs to be understanding the data, its business relevance, and its importance for modern applications.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what others are saying:

  • “Aparavi pivots with new data management platform with azure and Microsoft” –
  • “The Aparavi platform released on Azure” – StorageReview
  • “Azure partner Aparavi takes on unstructured data management” – TechTarget

This year and in the year ahead, many enterprises are in recovery, or will be, and need ways to reduce infrastructure costs. We’re confident that The Platform will deliver immediate savings. How? By knowing your data. By identifying and classifying your data.

Identifying ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial) data that can be deleted and consolidating and moving less critical data to lower-cost resources results in roughly 40% savings in data infrastructure. This immediately delivers a return on investment of millions for a large corporation.

We are also confident that we’ve eliminated the complicated, expensive requirement for products from multiple vendors (or multiple products from one vendor) to achieve the same goals we can provide in one.

![Microsoft Azure Marketplace](
The significance of the decision to introduce The Platform beginning exclusively with the [Azure marketplace]( should not be missed. This is a result of our status with Microsoft that gives us access to top Microsoft CSPs with expertise in the use cases and workloads The Platform addresses. It also gives us opportunities in key industries such as financial services, healthcare, and legal, where managing data lifecycles and effective information governance are critical.

And as of today, anyone can access The Platform on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to try out the ‘Starter’ release supporting up to 5 TBs or five million files with one classification policy. It’s easy to test-drive the solution and then simply scale with additional files/capacity and classification policies.

This is the forefront of today’s critical data issues: finding and controlling data, optimizing data availability for cost savings, fueling business, and creating new value with access to the right data, at the right time, without cost, complexity or compromise.